Erie's True all inclusive, premium mowing service.

The price we provide includes everything stated in our Basic mow package listed at the bottom of the page.

Landscaping, as well as mowing is an art. It is also a science. Elegant hires true, highly trained professionals that will assess your lawn at each service and determine direction of mow (alternating direction when space allows), proper blade height, most desirable mow patterns, as well as make any recommendations in an effort to improve health of turf and landscape. Our equipment is maintained in an effort to provide the best possible care, which includes daily sharpening of blades to ensure a healthy trim.

Our crews are fully uniformed and our fleet is logo'd and maintained to provide the most professional appearance while servicing your property. The difference is in the details. Each crew has a crew leader that will ensure your property is left in a picture perfect state. In addition, our Director of Operations performs routine visits to sites to ensure our core values and quality standards are being upheld. You can take comfort in knowing your property will be in good hands!

NO HIDDEN FEES: Some companies will advertise or provide a low price for just the mowing service in an effort to lure you in, then charge additional fees for trimming, edging, bagging, monthly billing, etc. Feel confident there will be no surprises in the service, agreement, or bill with Elegant Landscaping. We will lay everything out for you in detail, and provide you with a monthly, detailed statement of services provided.

Services start at just $40.00 with guaranteed professional results. In addition to our highly competitive price, we offer many incentive programs for signing up friends, family, and neighbors. You have the potential to receive every mowing free for the entire season.

NO BINDING CONTRACT: We do not bind our residential clients by contract. You are free to terminate service at anytime. You will only be billed for services performed.

WHAT TO EXPECT AFTER SIGNING ON FOR SERVICE: Upon accepting the estimate and sending your signed agreement back to us, we will immediately assign you to a designated route. You will then be sent a welcome pack that includes an introduction letter, information about the services you signed on for, contact information, and referral cards you may use to pass out to family and friends. Routine maintenance and weekly mowing is billed the last day of every month.



    • Mowing- All turf areas shall be mowed on a 4-7 day weekly schedule, or as described in the Scope of Work Section. Typical season runs From Middle of April through November (pending weather). Please note: Sometimes certain areas of a property cannot be mowed on any given service due to instances such as ground saturation, prevented access, and / or instances that would pose a danger to crew (dog in yard or bees nest). In these instances, crew will bypass that specific area during that weeks service. Full rate will still be charged. During periods of prolonged drought where growth is limited, the crews may still visit the property to perform hard edging, cleanup needs, trimming, etc, at which case service rates may be discounted for the particular service.

    • Edging- Edges will be maintained each weekly service with line trimmers. Hard blade edging will be performed once in the beginning of the season and again later in season if needed on all annual agreement clients. There may be additional charges for the initial edging if overgrowth is present. Edging service is only included with annual service accounts. If service is terminated early, edging charges may be billed separately. Please note: Hard blade edging can only be completed around fully cured concrete surfaces. If your concrete is less than 2 years old, please be sure to inform us so we do not use hard edgers around the area. Softer landscapes will be edged with line trimmers alone.

    • Trimming- Line trimming will be completed during each service in areas inaccessible to mowing equipment, and around all foundation lines, fence lines, and any other obstructions on property. Unless directed otherwise, we may use post emergent sprays around fence-lines and difficult to trim areas to reduce growth in these areas.

    • Blowing- All hard surfaces will be cleaned after service is complete with commercial blowing equipment. Though we try to make yards appear picture perfect, if the grass is damp it may not be possible to clear all clippings, as they tend to stick until they dry out.

    • Bagging Clippings- Agreement will specify if bagging is included. If bagging is included in your service, we will bag clippings as needed to avoid large clumps that wont dissipate.


ADDITIONAL SERVICES CAN BE ADDED TO ANY OPTION (Fall cleanup services, weekly total cleanups, dethatching, etc)


  • DEFAULT OPTION: All leaves on turf will be mulched 2x and bagged where applicable with mowing units during each weekly service. All mowing customers are provided this option automatically unless waived or upgraded. Service is billed hourly outside normal mow time plus debris.

  • Customer may add additional fall time services such as dethatching or aerating lawn, dead heading plants/ flowers, grooming landscape beds, pruning, etc.


  • All leaves on turf will be mulched 2x and bagged where applicable with mowing units during each weekly service.

  • PLUS A one time end of season total cleanup of property (all beds, hedges, shrubs, turf, etc (completed in Nov or Dec)

  • Customer may add additional fall time services such as dethatching or aerating lawn, dead heading plants/ flowers, grooming landscape beds, pruning, etc.


  • Same as option 2

  • Except we will provide a total cleanup each week during the fall season as well as the final.

  • Customer may add additional fall time services such as dethatching or aerating lawn, dead heading plants/ flowers, grooming landscape beds, pruning, etc.


Any leaves on turf will be mulched over 1x and not collected for removal. If mowing client wishes to waive cleanup service, we highly recommend removing leaves each week prior to anticipated mowing service as debris on turf could restrict airflow to root structures of turf. Bagging units will not be used if leaf removal is waived, and additional fees may still be charged for additional time for blowing and mulching excessive leaf debris.

Q: How is the hourly billing computed?

A: We will bill additional time only for the time spent removing the leaf debris. Ex. If your average mow time is 20 minutes and we spend an additional 10 minutes onsite collecting and hauling leaves, you will be billed only for the additional 10 minutes. The additional fees vary depending on the number of trees and amount of leaf debris on your property. A property located within the woods can expect to pay more than someone with just a few trees. Additionally, debris haul away fees are charged for debris collected onsite. The average rate our customers pay for weekly leaf collection and removal is between $10-$25 additional per week throughout the fall mowing season (ave 6-8 mowings).

Q: I like to know how much I will be paying in advance. What other options are available?

A: We understand budget needs so we developed a fixed rate option. We can provide you with an upfront cost to cover you through the entire season. The cost would included the weekly cleanup, as well as a one time end of season cleanup. This option is available to existing customers that have had service for at least a year, with accumulated averages on file as seasonal rate will be based on previous averages.

Q: How do I make my selection?

A: By default, all mowing customers will receive Option 1 (Basic Package). If you wish to upgrade to another package, or wish to waive service, you must notify us prior to September 15th. You may call the office or email your selection. Or you may check your selection on the reply that will be mailed to you (if you receive mailed invoices).