Elegant Landscaping offers many seasonal promotions to help make all the services we offer even more affordable. Don't see a special offer on services you require? Don't worry! Give us a call and we will provide you a free estimate. We will customize a plan that fits with your budget. We now offer a 8 month payment program making all your maintenance needs more affordable. You may add as many services as you'd like to the package, then pay just one low monthly rate.

As an Elegant customer, we will occasionally send you seasonal promotions available only to our customers.



Offer cannot be combined with any additional offers or discounts. All prior sales excluded. MUST MENTION THESE PROMOS TO GET DISCOUNT


SPECIAL: 1X Service- Cemetery Spring Cleanup: Spruce up your loved ones site with our Spring Cleanup package.


Cleaning of stone

Trimming around stone

Edging around stone

Removing of debris

Pruning if required

Photos emailed of before and after service

Flower and mulch installation may be added for additional fees.

*First time services will be charged a $40.00 locating fee

See services and additional specials here: GRAVESITE CARE


We will do our best to save you money by switching your prior agreement with any licensed/ insured competitor to us. Simply show us your prior agreement and we will compare them apples to apples and provide you the best possible price. Most likely, our packages will give you more for your money. By making the switch to us, we will give you an additional 10% off the first year as a new client thank you.

In addition to the guaranteed savings, you will be under no obligation to retain service with us. You may cancel at any time.

10% discount offer cannot be combined with any additional offers or discounts. Offer extended to new clients of Elegant Landscaping that make the switch from another licensed/ insured lawn care company


Have an elderly neighbor or parent? Or perhaps you just want to give a gift that allows for relaxation and property spruce ups. Our Gift certificates make the perfect gift. Simply call our office to place your order, or order online HERE.


Sign up for paperless billing and promotions. As a Landscaping Company, we care about our planet. Did you know 1 tree produces roughly 8,000 sheets of paper. With that said, we figure we can save 1 tree per season if all our clients would GO GREEN and elect to receive invoices, and all other communications through email. Not only are we saving trees together, but its also safer, faster, and more convenient.If you wish to GO GREEN, simply click this link SEND US AN EMAIL and tell us to get you started. Or, call the office. Thats it! You'll begin receiving all invoices, along with periodic promotional offers, and important updates to service soon.


We make it fast and easy to pay your statements, and save you a stamp in the process.

Q. Many people are hesitant to do any type of transaction online in fear of lost data.

Is the transaction safe and secure?

A. We have taken every possible step to ensure customer data is secure. We looked

into various pay services and chose the provider that has built their reputation over

the years. We are committed to the safety and privacy of all our clients, which is why

we chose Intuit. Elegant Landscaping does not have access to, or store any

payment methods the client chooses.

Q. Do I need to create an account?

A. Yes. As with all online bill pay systems, you will need to initially create an account

and record your login information. Elegant Landscaping does not store any customer

payment information.


Simply provide us your email address and tell us you want electronic billing. Monthly invoices will automatically be emailed to you. Invoices will have an embedded payment link.



If you are a current mowing client and have not selected a leaf cleanup package yet, below are your options:

Option 1: NO ACTION REQUIRED: This is the default automatic plan you will receive. We will pickup leaves using mower vacs on a weekly basis along with mowing. You will only be billed for additional time that extends past your regular mowing time. See average fees in Notes section below.

Option 2: Here you get all of option 1, in addition to a final end of season total cleanup to include full property (beds, patios, turf).

Option 3 (ELEGANT): Includes all of option 2, however, we will provide a full property cleanup each week (beds, patios, turf)

Custom: We can customize and price out any plan you desire. Whether you require just a one time cleanup, or an Elegant cleanup to include full cleanup services at each visit. Or adding Fall Cleanup services to any leaf option (deadheading plants, fall pruning, mulching service, thatching, etc). Simply drop us an email or give us a call.

Waive: You may elect to waive all leaf removal services. This is not recommended unless you plan to remove the leaves yourself. We will not use the bagging units on the mowers. We will run over the leaves and leave the debris lie on the turf. Leaf buildup on the turf can suffocate the root system, resulting in thatch build up and loss of nutrition within the grass. Waiving leaf removal service may still result in minimal additional fees for increased mow time blowing leaves and mulching over debris.


The leaf cleanup season typically runs from October (sometimes begins mid-late September) through November 30th, with an average of 6-8 weeks of service. Average sized lawns see an average cost of an additional $5-10 per weekly service, while larger lots with more trees see an average cost of $10-18 additional per weekly service during the 6-8 week fall season. These options are much more economical than paying for routine leaf cleanups separate from the mowing service.

Selections must be received by September due dates. If selections are not received, option 1 is the default option that will be performed. Keep in mind, if you waive service, bagging units will not be used starting 1st week of October and additional fees may still apply if leaf debris is heavy.